DP Trail Master AUV

Whether in wild terrain to fight forest fires, or through populated areas during the aftermath of a disaster, or gaining access to remote operations sites, the DP Trail Master AUV can deliver and power equipment essential to successful, safe outcomes. With extremely high carrying capacity, and DP Systems unique hydraulics, and a patent pending water speed system, these Amphibious Utility Vehicles (AUV) are capable of rapidly delivering first responders to disaster and remote sites at speeds above 20 mph - over land and water!

The DP Trial Master AUV's are formidable delivery vehicles, capable of maneuvering in adverse terrains, where full sized vehicles cannot gain access.

The DP Trail Master AUV is capable of running life saving systems powered by the DP Systems unique Power POD (Power-On-Demand) which is able of powering multiple hydraulic devices systems simultaneously.